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Psychology in Design
This article will interest designers more. Those who have a university degree in this field are already familiar with many of the facts listed here. But statistics show that the…

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Search engine marketing is ruining startups
What is website marketing? In 99% of cases, the first thing that comes to mind is SEM, that is, search marketing, largely due to the similarity of terms. However, this…

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Is copywriting a worthy source of income?
Many people do not think about why they get up at the same time every day and how robots go to work. I’m sure that 70% of the population do…

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To get the maximum benefit from the site, you need to realize that it is, first of all, an important marketing tool. He should help the company to solve those tasks that are most relevant to it at the moment. It can be attracting customers, strengthening their loyalty, increasing profits and much more.

Naturally, the company’s marketing objectives, its approaches to their solution may vary. The site must adapt to new business needs. For this, its appearance and code can be changed. Continue reading

Is copywriting a worthy source of income?

Many people do not think about why they get up at the same time every day and how robots go to work. I’m sure that 70% of the population do not work where they like and get paid for work that is far from their desires.

When you ask your friends about why they need boring and unloved work, they are always justified by the fact that it is constant and there is a certain confidence in the future. Judging by the statistics of labor exchanges, a lot of people now lose their jobs and find themselves on the street, although yesterday they were sure of their place in the enterprise. Continue reading


There are three cornerstones of creating sites. HTML is responsible for the structure of the pages, CSS for their design, JavaScript for interactivity. All of these technologies, except the first, developed rapidly.

Before the W3C worldwide consortium began developing the HTML5 language, the range of options for building the site structure was rather scarce and limited. For example, if you had to add video, you had to use proprietary components (Flash, etc.). Continue reading

Youth dependence on social networks

The Internet in the modern information world has firmly entered our lives. The advantages of this communication method are indisputable. Most popular with Internet users have won all sorts of social networks.

These networks make it possible to communicate at a distance with each other, solve business issues, hold conferences, and so on.

For schoolchildren, a social network is a tool for communication and self-expression. Continue reading


Website layout is one of the most important stages in the development of an online resource, as a result of which the layout drawn by the designer turns into HTML and CSS code. This task requires special skills. In order to make HTML-code qualitative, we need deep knowledge of browser features, web page semantics, elements positioning principles.
Modern types of website layout
Previously, HTML tables were used to impose a site: each element was placed in a separate cell, which solved problems with content positioning. Continue reading

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The website is a series of interrelated web pages. Whether creating a news site is, or, for example, creating a construction site, they all have the same structure. In particular,…


How to make money with Depositfiles
Often you can meet someone who downloads or downloads any file from a file sharing service, for example, from depositfiles or from But maybe someone else shared his files…


The Internet is developing at a pace that sites that looked fresh and were designed professionally a couple of years ago may now be outdated. This prevents their owners from…


Hosting and its types
Currently, every self-respecting company or private entrepreneur consider it a duty to have a personal website. In order to start a site you need to register a domain name yourself,…