Good site rules

How to evaluate the effectiveness of contextual advertising and website promotion? The best way, of course, depending on the goals set for the site, is to count the number of…

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Top 6 Web Design Mistakes
1. No price indications B2C sites usually do not make this mistake, but it is present on most B2B sites, where "solutions for corporations" (enterprise solutions) are presented, so according…

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Youth dependence on social networks
The Internet in the modern information world has firmly entered our lives. The advantages of this communication method are indisputable. Most popular with Internet users have won all sorts of…

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A few years ago, selling something over the Internet was difficult. Today, at the disposal of marketers a colossal arsenal of technologies and technology tools. Landing is one of them. This is an effective and therefore common way of distributing your goods and services with a small initial investment. This is a landing page or landing page whose purpose is to encourage the visitor to take the next step in the sales funnel. Continue reading

Internet continues to grow

VeriSign, under the contract with ICANN, registers the largest public domain. СOM and .NET, presented a report on the registration of domain names for the second quarter of this year. The number of domains registered worldwide has reached 64.5 million, which is 7% more than at the end of 2003.

The number of new registered domain names for the second quarter of 2004 was 4.6 million; compared with the first quarter, an increase of 2.5%. VeriSign noted that the growth rate of the number of domain registrations last reached this level in the late 90s during the boom of dot-coms. Continue reading

10 major mistakes of web design 2002

As the Web grows, websites invent more and more new ways to annoy users. Below are described 10 design mistakes that irritated users particularly well and cost the most to website owners in 2002.

1. No price indications
B2C sites usually do not make this mistake, but it is present on most B2B sites, where “solutions for corporations” (enterprise solutions) are presented, so according to the descriptions it is difficult to say whether these solutions are intended for 100 or 100.000 users. Continue reading

Search Engine Optimization Technology: An Introduction

Search engine optimization is a technology for promoting information resources. Dozens of different factors influence the search engine’s rating, starting with the domain name and ending with the quality of the communication channels. The article lists factors that can be assessed and managed that affect the relevance of HTML documents.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
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The Internet is developing at a pace that sites that looked fresh and were designed professionally a couple of years ago may now be outdated. This prevents their owners from effectively managing content, and users – to receive and perceive the necessary information.
If you are faced with a similar problem, it’s time to think about upgrading the resource. Continue reading

How to start an online dating
Well, are you ready to find the person of your dreams? Would you like to receive joy and pleasure meeting with interesting people while searching for a loved one? Seven…


Our many years of experience shows that having a site creation plan significantly reduces the time required to implement, test and launch a project. This allows you to optimize the…


Hosting and its types
Currently, every self-respecting company or private entrepreneur consider it a duty to have a personal website. In order to start a site you need to register a domain name yourself,…


Popular Copywriting Exchange
The copywriting profession is becoming increasingly popular among novice freelancers. Accordingly, the number of sites providing them with a field for activity, that is, exchanges, is growing. Experienced copywriters know…