Google personalization
The idea was in the air, or rather, the idea was already known. Make the start page (the one with which you start your surfing or browsing the Internet) individual.…

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How to open an online store
When opening a business on the Internet, you need to figure out which points you need to focus on first, and which ones should be considered secondary in importance. Many…

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There are three cornerstones of creating sites. HTML is responsible for the structure of the pages, CSS for their design, JavaScript for interactivity. All of these technologies, except the first,…

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To get the maximum benefit from the site, you need to realize that it is, first of all, an important marketing tool. He should help the company to solve those tasks that are most relevant to it at the moment. It can be attracting customers, strengthening their loyalty, increasing profits and much more.

Naturally, the company’s marketing objectives, its approaches to their solution may vary. The site must adapt to new business needs. For this, its appearance and code can be changed.

What are the site improvements:

The site is an informational product where you can change absolutely everything. Often you need to update page layouts, correct the work of any functions or add new features. Particularly interesting are the tasks of a comprehensive, complete modernization of the site, since they allow you to get the most tangible increase in the efficiency of this tool. However, in such cases often it comes to the resource redesign.


There are many reasons why a company may stop arranging the current external presentation of a site. This may be due to the growth of the business itself, changes in trends and not only.

One of the most common cases – changing the logo. Usually this element is rigidly “sewn up” in the code of the header and other blocks of the site. This is a minor refinement that does not take much time. However, if the changes were significant and affected, for example, the color gamut of the corporate symbol, you will need to completely rework the layout. Otherwise, the logo will not fit into the look of an online resource.

When finalizing the site affects only its external presentation, the solution of this problem will require the participation of two specialists: a designer and layout designer. Programmer assistance may be needed only in particularly difficult cases.

Technical improvements

If you have a need to refine the site in technical terms, this task should be closed as quickly as possible: delay can be dangerous for a business. If, for example, there are difficulties with changing the name of the menu item – not scary. But what if the order form stopped working? What if important pages no longer appear correctly for most of your users?

The current example is flash technology. A few years ago it was almost the only way to make the site interactive. However, due to the development of more lightweight solutions and security problems with flash technology, it was gradually pushed out of the market. In many modern browsers, it is simply not supported. Flash banners, interactive forms and other elements should be replaced as soon as possible.

Such improvements of the website do not add any new features to it, but simply make the existing functions work correctly and predictably. To solve this problem may require one or more programmers.


Requirements for the site can change quite dramatically with the growth of the business or change of direction. Its existing functionality is not enough to solve current problems, and some of the features cease to be relevant and only hinder the user. In such cases, the logical solution is to upgrade the website.

Often sites go the following way. When the company is just opening, launch a simple online business card. Then, as the business develops, management periodically orders services to modernize the site in order to add the necessary modules to it at the moment. Changes may be minor each time. However, as a result, the website-business card turns into a full-fledged corporate portal or online store.

If the resource is working on any common CMS, it may be enough to search, install and configure a suitable module to upgrade it. Designing a solution from scratch is necessary only when very specific functionality is required. This reduces the time and financial expenses required to make changes.

Where to order?
Freelancers. If we are talking about small modifications of simple projects, it is a good idea to entrust such tasks to an independent specialist. In other cases there is a risk to face various problems. For example, it will be extremely difficult even for an experienced freelancer to make complex changes alone. This will lead to a delay in the completion of work. Another favorite moment of freelancers is to disappear.
The company that developed the site. This option is suitable when you are completely satisfied with the quality of services provided by this contractor. Programmers who are familiar with the code and architecture of the project will join the work. If they qualitatively implemented the project initially, making changes will not take them much time and effort.
Third Party Company. If the contractor who designed the site does not suit you for some reason, you can always hire another organization. The main thing is to make the right choice.

Only in Moscow, there are hundreds of companies that are engaged in the creation of sites and are ready to perform for you the necessary editing of an existing project. Before making a decision, review the reviews and portfolio of the contractor.
How much is a site rework?

The question of the cost of website redesign should always be decided on an individual basis to ensure fair conditions for each individual case. For example, the prices for changing the typeface used in text blocks and the layout of all pages for new layouts can not be the same, even though all these improvements are design.

To accurately calculate the budget for modernization, it is necessary to determine:
list of required changes;
the complexity of each task;
time costs;
the composition of the team that will work on the project.
There is always an opportunity to save. However, keep in mind that budget cuts can slow down the editing process, as well as reduce the quality of work, if a less experienced team is required to save money.

Google personalization
The idea was in the air, or rather, the idea was already known. Make the start page (the one with which you start your surfing or browsing the Internet) individual.…


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Google personalization
The idea was in the air, or rather, the idea was already known. Make the start page (the one with which you start your surfing or browsing the Internet) individual.…