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Is copywriting a worthy source of income?
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Online WYSIWYG editors
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Internet continues to grow

VeriSign, under the contract with ICANN, registers the largest public domain. СOM and .NET, presented a report on the registration of domain names for the second quarter of this year. The number of domains registered worldwide has reached 64.5 million, which is 7% more than at the end of 2003.

The number of new registered domain names for the second quarter of 2004 was 4.6 million; compared with the first quarter, an increase of 2.5%. VeriSign noted that the growth rate of the number of domain registrations last reached this level in the late 90s during the boom of dot-coms.

As before, the most mass in the number of registrations among domain zones is the .COM zone.

The report notes that currently the most intensively developed two-letter national domains, in which there are 39.% of the number of all registered domains.

A significant increase in the number of domain names was demonstrated in the second quarter by the leaders among ccTLDs – the national domains of Germany (.DE) and the UK (.UK).

Key factors in the growth of the number of domain names in the report are the active use of the Internet by consumers and small businesses, as well as an increase in the total number of Internet users. Great importance is attached to the more active use of new and previously not popular domain zones.

Despite the high popularity of the .COM domain, the largest number of Internet hosts currently use domain names in the .NET zone.

The Singapore Internet case has finally got off the ground. Open registration of second-level domains in the .SG zone will become an alternative to the established third-level domain registration system in the subdomains,, and

To reduce the number of domain disputes, the Singapore Network Information Center (SGNIC) opens registration in two stages. From September 15, 2004 to January 2, 2005, priority registration of domain names will be held for trademark owners, government organizations and current third-level domain owners. If there are several bidders for the same domain name, the domain will be put up for auction. Only on the first day of priority registration, over 1,000 companies applied for registration of second-level domains in the .SG zone that coincide with their trademark.

At noon on January 3, 2005, open registration of second-level domains in the national .SG domain will begin according to the “first contact” principle.

However, that we are all about domains. It’s time to pay attention to more utilitarian, that is, useful news.

Caravan Company has completed the next stage of the billing system modernization. The control panel of the site has changed, as well as new features that allow customers to manage mail and resources more efficiently.

Now users of all hosting tariffs can:

– Set the size of the mailbox. If necessary, you can limit the disk space of each of the existing mailboxes.
– Limit the size of the letter. Messages exceeding the size specified in the restriction will not be accepted by the mailbox.

The users of the tariff plans “Standard”, “Business” and “Profi” have the following features added:

– Set a single total disk quota for all mailboxes. For example, if you install a quota of 5 MB in size, each of the existing mailboxes will receive letters of no more than 5 MB.
– Filtering letters using the White Lists. When you include a postal address or domain in the white list, correspondence from this postal address or domain will be accepted in any case.

You can view the full list of changes on the website of the Karavan company.

The company also announced the introduction of discounts for dial-up services through the Yandex.Money system.

From the beginning of September, all users of dial-up access from the Karavan company can use the payment through Yandex.Money within the framework of the campaign and receive a discount of 14% of the payment value.

You can pay for the Internet access services on the website of the payment system.

We were pleased with the news and LANK Telecom. First, the company announced the installation of software for filtering unwanted mass mailings (spam) on its mail server.

The program is based on the SpamTest technology, which uses several methods of spam recognition at once — black and white lists of IP addresses, correspondence of letters to a specific template, verification of the sender’s IP address for authenticity, and analysis of the contents of the letter and attached files.

Testing of various spam filters was carried out by LANK Telecom specialists since November 2003, but all of them did not give the desired results. In May 2004, SpamTest of “Ashmanov and Partners” company was installed on LANK Telecom’s mail server, which provided the most correct e-mail filtering – the degree of spam detection ranges from 85-95%, which is the best indicator on the Internet.

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