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Search engine marketing is ruining startups

What is website marketing? In 99% of cases, the first thing that comes to mind is SEM, that is, search marketing, largely due to the similarity of terms. However, this logic often leads to a misunderstanding of things.

The site owner firmly believes that without search engines his business will die, and only SEO- “experts” will be able to help avoid this evil fate. In addition, all around say that the success of a business on the Web for LONG time depends on search engines.

Here are the site owners and are trying in every way to trick the wise search engines. That the site rose higher, and the business became more profitable.
However, concentrating on the special role of search engines, it is worth remembering that most startups do not have enough tools, knowledge and skills to implement their ideas into a profitable business. Information on how to conduct search marketing is countless, only in Google you can find a huge number of answers to the question of how to achieve high positions, etc.

According to one of the most well-known Western experts in search engine optimization, Michael Pedoun, search engine promotion is a business area in which there is no clear answer to the question: how much should a commercial website pay a company for optimization? Therefore, we must begin by defining our priorities.

Decide what you choose: a set of basic services, or separately: an increase in site positions or sales or income with the help of modern efficient search engine technologies. The latter are more expensive.

High-quality search engine optimization and advertising campaign for search engine promotion will include the following items:

Keyword selection
Web Design Tips
Writing correct texts
Optimize HTML-code pages
Site registration in directories
Search for link exchange partners
Traffic tracking
If you donate at least one item from this list, the effectiveness of the entire campaign may be endangered. And many SEO companies offering online advertising services donate several items at once.

As a result, many people are falling victim to promises from so-called SEO companies that overshadow the common sense of site owners. Very soon, they find their resource drawn into the game, where the winners are those who have “money and power”. If your startup has neither the one nor the other, then it is doomed to failure.

“But one of the leading SEO companies worked on my website” – this is a very common misconception of website owners. Since in fact, the site was engaged in “teenagers from India with access to the Internet from their parents’ homes.” Most small business startups still cannot afford a really good SEO company.

Depending on how many pages need to be optimized and promoted, the site owner can spend from $ 3,000 to $ 7,000 for a campaign for a comprehensive search engine promotion of the site.

In addition to search engine traffic, you need to think about direct traffic. To do this, you must regularly update the content of the site: write or purchase articles relevant to the subject of the site.

Content generation is the main strategy for receiving direct traffic, which is only indirectly related to search engines. If you do not take into account the fact that search engines find your site on the links left in the articles. You do this exclusively for DIRECT TRAFFIC from other sites, and you consider traffic from search engines as a nice addition.

Another problem that start-ups may encounter on their way to gaining a place under the sun or top search engine rankings is spam. Every time people try to spam, deceiving the search engines, the latter in connection with this often change the algorithms for ranking sites in order to prevent the prevalence of one or another method of artificially cheating sites. And this means that during such changes, along with bad ones, good sites also suffer undeservedly.

In conclusion, the owners of websites whose online business can be called successful all resorted to a diversified marketing campaign, including both search and non-search marketing, for example, link exchanges. In order to achieve not one-day success, you need to be able to learn not only from your mistakes, but also take into account the experience of other online merchants.

Startup owners should have a well-planned and accurate marketing strategy that will allow the startup to be positioned as a successful start on the Internet. In many ways, this may affect the attraction of the target audience to the site.

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