Google personalization
The idea was in the air, or rather, the idea was already known. Make the start page (the one with which you start your surfing or browsing the Internet) individual.…

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Is copywriting a worthy source of income?
Many people do not think about why they get up at the same time every day and how robots go to work. I’m sure that 70% of the population do…

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Internet continues to grow
VeriSign, under the contract with ICANN, registers the largest public domain. СOM and .NET, presented a report on the registration of domain names for the second quarter of this year.…

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In the development of Internet projects, as in industry, the term CNC is actively used. However, here he has nothing to do with machine control.

CNC is an approach to drawing links. It implies that all pages of the site must have an address, the reading of which will allow the user to understand which section he is in and what material he is studying. 
In compiling such links, the webmaster seeks to clear it of information that is useless to the user. It can be:
Material ID
URL of the script page with GET request parameters;
service directory names and more.
CNC address is designed for the convenience of visitors to your site, as well as improving its indexing by search engines. Such links may include keywords from the semantic core of the project. In this case, they will be highlighted in the issuance, subject to coincidence with the user’s request. This will attract additional attention from visitors interested in your materials.

What is important to consider when forming the CNC

The CNC pattern is designed based on the type of site. Each case is individual, but there are several typical solutions. For example:
Domain / Date / Name – for news projects and websites, for whose visitors the relevance of information is important;
Domain / name – for root sections and static pages (Contacts, Delivery, Payment, etc.);
Domain / heading / name – for resources of a wide range of topics and different target audiences;
domain / language / name – for multilingual sites.
The optimal pattern for your case will be determined by the web developer or optimizer, having analyzed the subject and structure of the site.

The optimal length of the CNC address

When designing the structure of the site, adhere to the following rule: the shorter, the more convenient. However, you shouldn’t go to extremes and shorten links to 10-20 characters without need. The CNC address must remain readable and understandable. Otherwise, it will be no better than a URL containing unique material IDs and other technical data that neither the user nor the search engine needs.

The optimal length of the address of the internal page of the site is 60-80 characters. Such a link is convenient to operate, it is easy to remember.

What is better: translit or Latin in CNC?

Let’s say right away: for any modern search engine the difference between Latin and transliteration. If a user searches for “news”, then the same “Yandex” will highlight both links containing the word “news” and addresses in which it is written “novosti”.

In practice, these methods of writing are used on an equal footing and are often combined. So, the main sections, static pages are not only called in English, but news that is added, articles and materials is called transliteration.

Another option is to use Cyrillic characters in the CNC. However, this is appropriate only if the domain of the site is registered in the zone “. RF” and other similar. Otherwise, the CNC address will contain a mixture of Latin and Cyrillic characters. This will make manual typing difficult, since you will have to switch the keyboard layout at least 1 time.

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