In the development of Internet projects, as in industry, the term CNC is actively used. However, here he has nothing to do with machine control. CNC is an approach to…

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On the art of serving business
From function Let's go back to the second half of the 90s. The golden time of the formation of the Internet in Russia. The birth of the neologism "Runet". High-speed…

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10 major mistakes of web design 2002
As the Web grows, websites invent more and more new ways to annoy users. Below are described 10 design mistakes that irritated users particularly well and cost the most to…

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How to evaluate the effectiveness of contextual advertising and website promotion? The best way, of course, depending on the goals set for the site, is to count the number of calls to the company, made directly through the site. Because it is important to correctly place the contact information, the user must know where to look for you. Below are a few tips and advice about the correct submission of contact information on the site.
General rules

The site should not be overloaded with different ways of communication, if on the same page the user sees both the phone and the mail address and the application form or the registration form, it is likely to get confused, not knowing what to do – call or enter the necessary information in the form field .
In developing the site takes into account the scope of the client. Online stores selling cosmetics or computer components can offer their visitors a link through the means of communication on the forum. So the visitor will be able to immediately ask his questions and read reviews about the product. For travel agencies and real estate agencies an ideal option is to fill out a form. Initially, the user chooses a suitable version of the tour or apartment at a particular subway, gets acquainted with the price and only then makes a call. That is, the connection must be interactive, the user must immediately understand whether there is an option for him or not, so as not to waste time. If you have ordered a site, and are engaged in wholesale deliveries, focus on a detailed location map, your customers can easily find your warehouse.
The main rule. The site should have the appropriate web design, be the most informative, if on the product page there is only his photo and telephone for communication – the client will not call. The consumer needs to know the terms of delivery, the cost of the goods and its characteristics.

Call me, call!

The telephone is important for consulting companies or for those whose business is related to services that require clarification. For example, legal and notary companies. For other companies, the call should be the final stage, and the information on the site should tell your client as much as possible what and how. You are engaged in office moving – the client will want to know how much the move is made. Offer design apartments – show examples of work.

If calls are made to your office, for example:

I saw your site, what services do you provide?
Where can I see your work?
How and where is the delivery?
When do you have lunch?

Immediately think about the correct presentation of information on the site. The customer must call to confirm the order, clarify, arrange personal meetings. Otherwise, the following may turn out to be: you made an order for contextual advertising or chose search promotion of a web site, there are contacts to the company, and sales do not increase.
At the same time, it is also necessary to indicate phone numbers according to certain rules:

the phone number must contain the city code;
the phone must be visible (written in readable color and font);
on the page “contact information” it is desirable to specify several phone numbers, according to the scheme: the name of the department in the enterprise, telephone number, full name of the contact person.

Letter for you.
The name of the e-mail box should be solid and somehow related either to the name of the company or to the field of activity. Help the user, make it possible by clicking on the link immediately go to writing a letter. Specify the name, otherwise your poor visitor will be forced to write somewhere to someone

How do I get to the library?
The address of the company should be as detailed as possible, indicate all existing ways to get to your office. Specifying, for example, that you are near metro N, but forgetting to add that you still need to take the number M bus from the metro, you risk losing a client. Make a detailed map of the passage. When planning a map, think, you yourself, not knowing the route, will find an office thanks to the map alone? If the answer is yes, the map is perfect.
So, your client should know:

Company address
Distance from the subway
The numbers of buses, taxis, trams, etc.
It would be nice to attach a photo of the facade of the building, as an element of web site design, so it will be easier for the client not to get lost.
Be sure to include hours of operation, specifying the time for your lunch break, if any.

Summing up this article, you can make a general conclusion – to order web design from professionals – means to save yourself from such a headache, experts at the site development agency still at the stage of writing technical specifications will advise you on how to organize the right relationship with clients.

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