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The functionality of a modern Internet resource is optimized for the client’s tasks, and the design and content are optimized for the characteristics of the target audience. All these integral parts of the development process are governed by a single document – the terms of reference or TK.

Why do you need a technical task?

TZ is a mandatory appendix to any contract for the development of a software product. This is a document that formalizes the requirements and wishes of the client, provides clear criteria for the commissioning of works, and also protects the rights of the parties.

The customer is guaranteed the fulfillment of all the requirements specified in the TOR for the indicated cost, the contractor is guaranteed that there are no fundamental changes at later stages. All this avoids controversial situations, conflicts and misunderstandings.

Task assignment to the performer

Writing technical specifications for the development of any software product helps to understand what should be the result of the work. This is especially important for the contractor, who, having studied the document, will be able to provide the customer with the exact cost of work, to predict the time of their completion.

TK is usually compiled by the customer for the contractor. However, sometimes both parties work on this document if the formalization of requirements causes any difficulties.

What does TK consist of?

The technical task consists of several blocks. Despite the fact that the TK is part of the contract and is legally valid, their order and names may differ slightly:
Glossary. This section explains all the concepts and terms that will be used further in the document.
General information. This is one of the most important sections. Here you need to specify the address of the future site, its name, to determine the order of coordination of various issues. It is equally important to formalize in this section and a phased schedule of work, specify the procedure for the coordination of results. However, this information becomes known after the completion of the writing of the TOR, so that it can be carried out in a separate block, which is placed at the end of the document.
Targets and goals. In this section, the ways of further use of the resource are indicated, its target audience is described.
Software. It is necessary to indicate which browsers the new site should be compatible with, as well as which technologies will be used to implement it.
Design requirements. This is a fairly free block in which the customer formulates his requirements for the appearance of the future site. You can specify the style, typefaces used, define colors and not only. It is also worth noting here the need to use animated elements, banners, etc.
Requirements for the structure. This block is usually the most voluminous. Here you can find all the necessary pages of the site, their structure, the links between them. Also briefly describes the purpose and content of each section.
CMS. The content management system of the site allows you to simplify its further content and use. The use of such a software product also makes it possible to reduce the cost and development time.
Content requirements. This section details in the TK for the creation of turnkey websites, where the developer must prepare and all the necessary content. In this case, it is necessary to determine the quantity, volume and format of articles, news, various media and not only.
The procedure for transferring the result of work. It is necessary to agree in what form the customer will receive the site. It can be placed on the network, on a hosting or, for example, transferred on any carrier for further work.

This list is not exhaustive. However, he describes all the main blocks, without which the TK can not be considered complete. Next, we take a closer look at the most important sections of this document and give recommendations for their preparation.

How to make and sample

Before addressing the underlying issues, we offer two important recommendations that will help make the TOR more comprehensive and understandable.

First, use objective or measurable criteria. For example, if you want the headers on the site to be green, it is better to specify the exact RGB or HEX code. The same applies to CMS: it is better to spend some time searching for a suitable system (for this, for example, you can consult with the performer), than to indicate vague terms like “convenient”, “easy to learn”, etc.

Second – as detailed as possible describe all elements of the site. This will help avoid double interpretations, additional time for negotiating TK, clarifying requirements, and so on. In this case, excessive description is better than insufficient.

Description of the functional part

Each element or block of the site, the functionality of which differs from the standard content display, should be described in detail. For example, if you plan to place a callback button in the site header, then its description could look like this: “By clicking on the button“ Order a call ”a pop-up window opens with the fields: Name, Phone, and also a button -“ Call me back ”. Naturally, if validation of the entered data is needed, it should be indicated what and how it should be checked.

It will be useful to work out and formalize standard resource usage scenarios in this section. This will help to find ideas for a more optimal arrangement of blocks and not only.

All blocks and elements, the logic of which is not described in the TOR, are usually implemented by standard means of CMS, which does not always fully meet the requirements of the client.

Coordination of the finished TZ

Development of TZ can be completed only when this document is approved, signed by both parties and attached to the contract.

At the contractor, programmers, designers and other specialists who will be involved in its implementation should be familiar with the TK. They have the right to demand corrections if any aspects of their parts are described incorrectly or too vaguely.

On the part of the customer in the coordination of the TK, the person having the right to sign must accept Inside the company, a document can pass as many readings as possible by different employees. However, it will be much more convenient and faster if the person who signs the document will submit the changes and comments to the Executive. This will shorten the reconciliation time and avoid confusion.

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